Dice, haints, and the devil at the threshold.

The Downward Road is Crowded is a brief, narrative heavy, dice rolling game about the predetermination and the spectre of violence in the American West. It was created for Juegos Rancheros Mystic Western Game Jam and was selected for inclusion in the arcade section of the 2016 Marfa Film Festival in Marfa, Texas.

It was created entirely by me.

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"Dice with the devil. The Mystic Western jam continues to provide nourishment for this column, like a warm tin of beans, and this is one of the slicker looking sumbitches. You sit down at a barrel under the prairie night sky, and in the bluish glow of the campfire a strange man with a deep voice tells you its time to play a game of dice. You get five rolls. Roll higher than a ‘7’ three times and you win. Lose and you’re “his”. Between tosses the stranger regales you with tales of those who have come before and who now make up his collection of scoundrels and cutthroats. The only question is: will you end up among them? This is made by thon rogue who created Psychic Cat way back when. And it is just as odd, unnerving and visually weird. Good luck, pardner. With odds like this, you’ll need it." - Rock Paper Shotgun