WormWorld is a level built in Unreal. It is scripted and playable.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape of freezing winds and toxic seas where an invasion of cosmic worms has eliminated the majority of human life on the planet. Those who remain are usually mindless thralls in the form of cultists. The player is tasked with seeking out a surviving human who has valuable information regarding the origins of the worms.

In addition to patrolling cultists, the player needs to look out for smaller roving worms who act as scouts for the larger ones. If they detect a player, they begin to flash lights rapidly and screech. If the player fails to shoot them during this period, they will telepathically summon nearby cultists to attack the player.

The surviving human is protected by both a large metal barrier and a small minefield designed to detonate any worm-corrupted biomass in proximity. The barrier will lower when the hostile cultists have been defeated and their altar has been destroyed.

The scenario can be completed in a variety of ways. The player may spend e-cells to power up old-world devices that aid them against the worms. However, these e-cells would also function as upgrade currency in the larger metagame. As such, the player is encouraged to carefully scrutinize the landscape, scavenge supplies, and seek to avoid detection that would lead to resource expenditure. 

The player may complete the scenario by killing all of the cultists with their weapon, by using e-cells to override the surviving human's protective barrier and thereby gaining access to the information that person possesses while also exposing the cultists to a minefield, by  powering up a tank to destroy the cultists, or by avoiding detection entirely and by discovering a hidden passage that leads them to the objective.